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More RedsZone

RedsZone is indeed changing

We have now decided to reformat the baseball forum, Cincinnati Reds Talk, here at RedsZone. This includes canceling the subscription system. Please allow us to explain.

The main forum, Cincinnati Reds Talk, will now only be open to posting for the original founding members of RedsZone - those who joined during our first year (2000), and to all who have been subscribers to the site. All remaining members will be able to read the Cincinnati Reds Talk forum, but not post. In a nutshell, this forum will only allow for posts from people that have been with us from the beginning or have helped financially support the site. In reviewing the list of posters that criteria includes, we are extremely confident that these posters are very familiar with the core values of what this site is about because most of them have been with us from the very beginning. We have no desire to write up additional rules that cover baseless player bashing and a general loss of posting quality from the current forum and we truthfully do not like to have to suspend users who are adding little value to the board with these types of posts. As a result, the main forum will serve as a model for the type of posts that this site built its reputation upon.

A new forum will in turn be created, dubbed Reds Live 2005. Within this forum, a built-in vBulletin (the forum software the site uses) reputation system will be created. This allows for members from Cincinnati Reds Talk to rate a poster who does not have access to the main forum, based solely on the quality of their posts in the Reds Live 2005 forum. Once a user's reputation ranking reaches a certain level (still yet to be determined), he or she will be free to post in the primary forum, if they wish.

Reds Live 2005 will follow the same rules that have been in effect at RedsZone since its inception (which appear at the bottom of every page), but moderation of the forum will be less stringent. This forum is the place for users to show what they have to offer to the community, or coexist and share in a location where their voice is heard.

Very interesting.  I do believe that going to a SoSH application system would have served them better, but nonetheless I wish RedsZone the best of luck.