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I'm beginning to have the feeling that the Reds front office and braintrust simply doesn't care.  Paul Wilson has gotten lit up three straight starts, but they're taking his word that he's not injured.  Moves aren't made because of 40 man roster considerations.  Dave Miley's in game managing is non-existant.

If the front office and the people making the calls seem content with mediocrity then what can we do?

What do you do when your favorite team is willfully terrible?  I was a Bengals fan in the 90's but I was too young to know any better.  I always had hope that they'd improve.

It's hard to have hope with Dan O'Brien at the helm.  A guy that signs Eric Milton because he's a "proven winner" isn't the guy I want when it comes to turning around the franchise.

There are reasons to watch the Reds, and they're numerous.  Aaron Harang, Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns, Wily Mo Pena, Ryan Freel, Felipe Lopez, Ryan Wagner, Ken Griffey Jr., even Joe Randa and Sean Casey at times.

There's a core to build around.  Most competent GMs could build a winner with this core.  This isn't Kansas City or Pittsburgh; we have plenty of building blocks.  But until O'Brien gets fired I don't think we'll see anything of note built.  Dan O'Brien has purchased a cardboard box, repackaged it as a deluxe condominium, and gotten us all soaking wet.  I'm through buying into his "vision".

I gave him a year+ and he's failed.  Miserably.  Bring on the next GM.