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Daily Roundup

-- Ryan Freel arrested for DUI:

The arresting Bellevue officer said he observed Freel stopped in the middle of the entrance ramp to Interstate 471 southbound.

According to the police report, the officer saw Freel turn around on the median and go the wrong way back down the ramp.

The officer said he noticed damage down the right side of Freel's vehicle and said Freel appeared to be swerving, so he pulled him over.

Freel told the officer he had not been drinking and asked the officer if he could call someone to pick him up, the report said.

I'm kind of speechless to be honest.  The guy apparently needs help, and I hope he gets it.  The Reds really ought to suspend him for a few games and require him to seek treatment for alcoholism.

--  On a lighter note, Studes over at The Hardball Times has an article up about yesterday's game using something called WPA.  It's a good read, and he picked an excellent game to use.