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Game Thread: Game 1

It's here.  Opening Day, the best day of the year in Cincinnati, Ohio.

TIME: 2:10 @ Great American Ball Park
REDS PROBABLE: METS PROBABLE: Paul Wilson (0-0, 0.00) Pedro Martinez (0-0, 0.00)
REDS LINEUP: METS LINEUP: 2B D'Angelo Jimenez SS Jose Reyes CF Ken Griffey Jr. 2B Kaz Matsui 1B Sean Casey CF Carlos Beltran RF Austin Kearns C Mike Piazza LF Adam Dunn LF Cliff Floyd 3B Joe Randa 1B Doug Mientkiewicz SS Rich Aurilia 3B David Wright C Jason LaRue RF Eric Valent P Paul Wilson P Pedro Martinez

This is the first official game thread of the year, so feel free to comment on the game and anything Reds related.  I'll only be watching the first few innings because I have a high school tennis match to coach (good luck to Red Reporter reader Andrew Lukas, who won his first match of the year last Thursday night), but hopefully someone will have a radio or something.  Good luck to the Reds, I'm elated that this day is finally here again.

Question to get the ball rolling: What do you guys think of Junior hitting second? Interesting move there. Personally I'd swap him with Dunn, but I'm in the camp that doesn't think lineup construction is of paramount importance.