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National Pastime Day

Like last year, Blez at Athletics Nation is pushing the idea of a National Pastime Day:

"My fellow Americans, there has been one steady, relentlessly binding fabric to our nation.  One element that has held us strong and brought us joy through good times and bad.  It unites us in our differences and brings us together.  Its wondrous history gave rise to the majesty of Ruth, the tragic yet heart-wrenching words of Gehrig and the still amazing resiliency of Mr. Jackie Robinson.  One day a year I propose that we stop and reflect on all the moments of baseball history that have brought father and son, mother and daughter and generations together.  This is a day when I encourage parents to go out in their yard or local park and throw the ball around and remember the glory and joy that is our National Pastime.  I give you, National Pastime Day."

I think it's a great idea.  I've contacted my representative with the following message:

Hello, I run a Cincinnati Reds website at  Myself and other baseball bloggers are currently pushing for the creation of a National Pastime Day to celebrate Opening Day.  There are few things that stand for America as much as baseball, and it deserves a day of it's own.  Thank you for your consideration on this manner.

JD Arney

Simple, to the point.

If you'd like to contact your representative about the idea, click here and enter your zip code.  For those of you calling in sick with the 8-hour flu today think of how great it would be if Opening Day were a national holiday.  Definitely should happen.