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Weekend Roundup

--  The Reds roster has been finalized with Jacob Cruz, Matt Belisle, and Joe Valentine all making the team.

It'll be interesting to see if Belisle can remake himself as a reliever since he's struggled the past couple of years starting in AAA.

-- Placed on the DL:

60 Day:

Jung Bong
Ray Olmedo

15 Day:

Josh Hancock
Luke Hudson
Anderson Machado

The organizational depth chart has been updated to reflect these changes, but I've still got a lot of work to do on that once minor league rosters are released.  I'm also going to change all of the major league player pages over to ESPN player cards, that way when you click their name you'll see their current stats.  I'll switch back in the offseason when Baseball Reference updates.  I'll probably be switching all of the minor leaguers from Baseball Cube to Baseball America, also so you can see their current stats.

--  Rich Aurilia is the opening day starting shortstop.  I certainly saw this coming, and it's a disastrous decision.  I just hope that when he's hitting .230 with no power the people who've been pulling for him all Spring will admit their folly.