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Game Twenty Notes

-- Slyde posted this in the game thread, a comment made over on Bleed Cubbie Blue:

"Yep, they hate us.  Just as with the White Sox, being a Reds fan doesn't involve rooting for or following your team at all.  It's a purely negative experience based entirely on hatred of another team, in both cases the Cubs.

Red Sox fans have the right idea--sure, they hate the Yankees, but they also love the Sox.  If you asked a Red Sox fan to choose which he would prefer from (1) both the Sox and the Yankees winning or (2) both the Sox and the Yankees losing, he would choose the former.  Not so with White Sox or Reds fans, who would gladly see their team go 0-162 on the season, as long as it meant the Cubs did the same."

I just had to go on record as saying that's one of the stupider things I've ever read.  While I certainly do hate the Cubs, saying that I'd be fine with the Reds going 0-162 as long as the Cubs did the same is implying that I care enough about the Cubs to want such a thing.  And I don't.  At all.

This is exactly why some (and notice that I did add the qualifier there) Cubs fans are so annoying: they think MLB revolves around their pathetic excuse for a franchise.  This is a team that's been historically terrible and yet Cubs fans think the franchise is somehow interesting.  It's not.   You're not the Red Sox so stop it.

-- What a game last night.  Easily wins the award for ugliest game of the season so far, which is really saying something, but at least we came out on top.  Eric Milton is an absolute disaster to this point and I hope DanO is paying attention.  The home run thing is getting ridiculous, and he's on pace to give up something insane like 65 home runs.  That's slightly embarassing.

-- Ken Griffey Jr. seems to be coming around.  He looked very comfortable last night, and as long as he keeps hitting the ball that hard he'll be ok.  Two of his outs just missed being home runs.

-- I'm hoping we see a brawl today.  Is that wrong?    It'll be interesting to see if Harang retaliates.

-- Ryan Wagner is a stud.  Danny Graves isn't very good, and we're very lucky that he hasn't hurt the team very seriously as of yet.  He's going to cough up more than a few games this season however if he keeps pitching this way.

-- Rich Aurilia watch:  1-5 with a run.  And an error.  Felipe is starting today, thankfully.