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Game Thread: Game Twenty

TIME: 8:05 @ Wrigley Field

             CUBS PROBABLE:
Eric Milton (2-2, 4.98)        Carlos Zambrano (2-0, 3.04)

Make sure to check out this trivia diary, I'm hoping it'll become an ongoing thing.

Bleed Cubbie Blue was surprised that Reds fans hate the Cubs.  I'm kind of surprised that he didn't know.  Aren't the Cubs one of the more hated teams in baseball?  Or maybe it's just that I never bought into the "lovable losers" thing, I don't know.

But yeah I hate the Cubs.  Any team that has fans who boo their pitcher who had just reinjured his elbow really isn't going to get a lot of respect from me.

Then again Reds fans have booed Ken Griffey Jr. as he layed on the ground in pain, so maybe the lesson is that some people are just pricks.

Anyway, the Reds have lost three of four going into tonight's game, and a win would get them back to .500.  Cincinnati's paying Eric Milton a ton of money for games like these, and hopefully he'll come through.