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Weekly Minor League Roundup

This is going to be a regular Monday feature.


If Louisville is any indication the Reds should have a much stronger bullpen in the coming years.  The Bats relievers have been excellent.  The offense has struggled a bit, but William Bergolla is making the jump to AAA look easy.

Louisville record: 10-8 (1.0 GB from Toledo)


William Bergolla: .324/.352/.485 in 68 AB
Randy Keisler: 14.1 IP, 1.26 ERA, 18/6 K/BB
Tom Shearn: 11.2 IP, 1.54 ERA, 16/2, K/BB
Ricky Stone: 11.2 IP, 3.09 ERA, 13/2 K/BB
Elizardo Ramirez: 25.1 IP, 3.91 ERA, 17/4, K/BB
Steve Kelly: 17.0 IP, 3.18 ERA, 13/3, K/BB
Jared Fernandez: 27.2 IP, 3.58 ERA, 18/9, K/BB


Edwin Encarnacion: .236/.338/.491 in 55 AB, 3 HR, 7 Errors
Dane Sardinha: .282/.326/.410


Looking at Chattanooga's stats you'd think this would be a slightly stronger team.  The Lookouts have quite a few hitters enjoying solid seasons so far, but some of the pitchers are struggling quite a bit. One of those struggling is Richie Gardner which comes as a surprise.  His K/BB ratio is still very solid though, so look for him to bounceback and start putting up more familiar numbers.

Chattanooga Record: 6-11, (7.5 GB from Carolina)


Kevin Howard: .341/.383/.568 in 44 AB
Jeff Bannon: .323/.343/.597, 4 HR, in 62 AB
Santiago Perez: .321/.415/.464 in 56 AB
Chris Denorfia: .299/.365/.537 in 67 AB


Richie Gardner: 14.0 IP, 6.43 ERA, 20/5 K/BB


Sarasota's pitching has been awful, and it's looking like the Reds aren't going to be getting much help from this class any time soon.  David Shafer is still pitching like an absolute stud however, and if I were the Reds I'd think about moving him up a level or two.

Sarasota Record: 6-11, (6.5 GB from Lakeland)


Junior Ruiz: .317/.397/.350 in 60 AB
Chris Dickerson: .250/.358/.568 in 44 AB
David Shafer: 6.2 IP, 0.00 ERA, 10/0 K/BB


D.J. Mattox: 3.0 IP, 3.00 ERA, 3/4 K/BB
Miguel Perez: .231/.286/.308 in 39 AB
Joey Votto: .238/.279/.349 in 63 AB


There's a problem when the only offensive player who's really having a great year is your backup catcher.  The pitching hasn't been much better, and it's looking like Dayton fans are in for another long summer.

Dayton Record: 4-12 (6.5 GB from Lansing)


Chris Kroski: .321/.441/.571 in 28 AB


Paul Janish: .242/.333/.323 in 62 AB
B.J. Syzmanski: .250/.333/.313 in 16 AB
Homer Bailey: 9.1 IP, 5.79 ERA, 16/3 K/BB