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Daily Roundup

-- Lots of good responses in the Game Thread from yesterday regarding what to do with the roster crunch.  It's a shame the Reds don't play in the AL, as they're built more like an American League team than any club in the NL.

I think at the moment that I'm fine with the Reds keeping all four outfielders plus Casey.  The time to make a deal would probably be when both Wily Mo and Austin Kearns were hot, and that'll happen at some point.  It'll be very interesting to see what happens as we get close to the trading deadline.

-- All-Star Voting has begun.  Vote early, and vote often for our Reds.

-- My SportsBLOGS colleague over at FishStripes has a preview up of the Marlins-Reds series that's well worth reading.

-- I've updated the organizational depth chart to reflect recent changes, and I've also changed the MLB roster's player cards from Baseball-Reference to CBS Sportsline.  I like CBS's player cards better than ESPN's; there's simply a much greater wealth of information on CBS's.  As always, let me know if you see any glaring errors.