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Game Thread: Game Fifteen

TIME: 12:35 @ Great American Ball Park

Eric Milton (2-1, 4.86) Kip Wells (0-3, 7.23)

Nice win last night, and I'll give out kudos to my favorite whipping boy Rich Aurilia. He certainly came through. And how about Wily Mo? He's making it awfully hard to sit him back down.

The popular question over the offseason was what to do with the fourth outfielder? A trade, keep them all in case of injury, trade Casey and stick Dunn there, what to do? What are you guys leaning towards now that Wily Mo has been on fire? I think DanO has to start talking trade pretty soon, but I think it's still a tough decision as to who goes. But as long as we hang on to Pena and Dunn I think I'll support whatever O'Brien does.

I've added a poll, let me know what you think the Reds should do.