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Daily Roundup

-- Found this announcer ranking list via Gas Lamp Ball, and here's where Reds announcers come in (the list ranks the top 101 announcers of all time):

  1. Red Barber
  2. Marty Brennaman
  3. Joe Nuxhall
I'm glad to see Joe make the list.  It's actually entirely possible that other Reds announcers that I don't know about made the list, so check it out yourself.

-- This article says that Brandon Claussen will be starting on Monday or Tuesday against the Cubs. Looking at the Reds schedule it looks like Monday's game will be on ESPN, so that's something for out of town Reds fans to look forward to.  Claussen is becoming a source of rather serious concern.  It's looking more and more like the bullpen might be his future home.

Possibly another reason to avoid overhyped Yankees prospects.