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John Sickels All Questions Answered Thread

Update: It's now 2:00 so no more questions will be accepted, but John will answer everything that's been asked. Thank you John for giving us some of your time!

John Sickels is joining us at 1 PM to answer your questions on the Reds minor league system. Here is what John has for his Top 20 Reds prospects:

1 Edwin Encarnacion, 3B, B+
2 Richie Gardner, RHP, B+
3 Joey Votto, 1B, B+
4 Thomas Pauly, RHP, B+
5 Homer Bailey, RHP, B-
6 B.J. Szymanski, OF, C+
7 Todd Coffey, RHP, C+
8 William Bergolla, 2B, C+
9 Tyler Pelland, LHP, C+
10 Carlos Guevera, RHP, C+
11 Paul Janish, SS, C
12 Daylan Childress, RHP, C
13 Matt Belisle, RHP, C
14 Bubba Nelson, RHP, C
15 Jesse Gutierrez, 1B-C, C
16 Steve Kelly, RHP, C
17 Elizardo Ramirez, RHP, C
18 Steve Smitherman, OF, C
19 Joe Valentine, RHP, C
20 Rafael Gonzalez, RHP, C

And here's what he had to say:

Some good guys at the top in this system, but it thins out quickly. Rating Pauly over Bailey is controversial, considering that Bailey was a first-round pick last year. I want to make sure he is completely healthy so I am conservative with his grade, although B- may be a bit too low. If he comes out of the box well in '05, his grade will rise very quickly. The rating of Carlos Guevera at number 10 is highly aggressive, but 90 strikeouts in 57 innings caught my eye, even if it was in the Midwest League. The large group of Grade C prospects is difficult to distinguish...there isn't much difference between number 11 and number 19, so you can move those up and down the list depending on your own instincts.

There are several other Grade C prospects who got consideration: Joe Wilson, Dane Sardinha, Javon Moran, Chris Dickerson and a few others.

Overall this is a pretty average farm system.

Here are John's ground rules that he posted before his Athletic Nation AQA:

Ground rules: I will be here for the next hour, and I will answer every question posted within that time. All I'd like from you is a bit of patience as I type. The ground rules are basically that you can ask anything you want and I'll give you my best answer.

Enjoy guys.