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Daily Roundup

-- Losing streaks are the pits.  If the Reds had started the year 3-4 without being so streaky I don't think this would seem nearly as bad.  This is pretty obvious, but if Cincinnati can't play better against the Astros and Cards then this season is already a foregone conclusion.  The Reds really need to get a win today and then take two games this weekend.

-- The Reds outfield is named the second best in this article that focuses mainly on Adam Dunn.

In the Reds' frat-like clubhouse (half the players here can recite most of Old School on the spot), these three -- Dunn, Griffey, and Kearns -- are inseparable; the badinage among them never stops. During Spring Training they dined together almost every night. Their Xbox clashes are season-long epic tournaments ("Madden, NCAA Football, Halo, everything," says Dunn. Adds Kearns: "It's pretty fun just embarrassing Junior when we play."). They stretch together, they lounge around in the clubhouse together. "I think both Adam and I grew up worshipping Junior," says Kearns, 24. "But now he's just one of us. It's a little weird, I guess." Says Dunn, "Junior's the biggest clown [of the three]."

-- Interesting post over at RedsZone concerning last Saturday night's Chattanooga game, which was attended by Membengal:

Brian Peterson: didn't have a good night at the plate but had a great night behind the plate, once catching Cubs top prospect Felix Pie wandering too far from 3B and picking him off. Solid.


-- Apparently Ramon Ortiz has been scratched from today's start and Matt Belisle will now be given the start.  Still no sign of Brandon Claussen, who threw a simulated game yesterday.  I'm so glad the Reds went with 12 pitchers coming out of Spring Training.  They've come in real handy what with all these off days and all.  Sheesh.