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Daily Roundup

April's such a tease, what with all the days off.

-- Well the weekend didn't go so hot eh?  But the upside is that the Reds lost to two very good pitchers in Roger Clemens and Roy Oswalt, and two of the three losses were by only a run.  There are problems, but the sky isn't falling as of yet.

-- Here's an article from the Washington Post about Jim Bowden:

Since he was named interim general manager on Nov. 2, Bowden has been selling Washington baseball harder than QVC sells eye cream. He has a little of that polyester, car-lot feel to him. You could imagine the guy actually saying, "Have I got a used Buick for you!"

Comparing Bowden to a used car salesman does the used car salesman a disservice.

-- The Boston Globe has a short piece concerning Ken Griffey Jr.:

"For me, the important thing is being who I am, being the best player I can be, and having as much fun as I can, by being me," Griffey said. "I never heard anybody say I was a phony or a fake. What you see is what you get.

It's a nice article, and well worth reading.

-- The Bench Rich Aurilia campaign is off to a nice start. Felipe Lopez received the start yesterday and went 1-3 with a walk.