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Game Thread: Game Six

TIME: 2:05 @ Minute Maid Park

             ASTROS PROBABLE:
Eric Milton (1-0, 5.06)     Roy Oswalt (0-1, 9.00)

Jose Acevedo for Allan Simpson.  Thoughts?

I think it was pretty clear that Acevedo wrote his ticket out of town with these comments he made after being demoted to AAA.  Simpson seems like a good bet to turn into something useful.  He strikes out more than 10 per 9 IP, and he's getting out of Colorado's system which is usually a good career move.  I had much higher hopes for Jose than this, but he just never did take it to the next level.

Rich Aurilia now has a sparkling .411 OPS, and the Astros walked Joe Randa twice last night so that they could face Rich instead.  Hopefully we'll see Felipe today.