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2005 MLB Predictions

This is an open thread (it'll be up all weekend) where you can make predictions on the upcoming season.  Here are mine:

AL East:

1 Boston
2 New York (WC)
3 Baltimore
4 Tampa
5 Toronto

Same old, same old in the East.  Baltimore would be a pretty interesting team in any other division.

AL Central:

1 Cleveland
2 Minnesota
3 Chicago
4 Detroit
5 Kansas City

I think Cleveland's going to break out in the very near future; I'm thinking it'll happen in 2005.

AL West:

1 Oakland
2 LA
3 Texas
4 Seattle

Rumors of the A's demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Texas could surprise here I think, but I'm not brave enough to pick them.

NL East:

1 Atlanta
2 Philadelphia
3 Florida
4 New York
5 Washington DC

I'm not going to pick against Atlanta.  I've been burned too many times doing that.

NL Central:

1 Chicago
2 St. Louis
3 Cincinnati
4 Houston
5 Pittsburgh
6 Milwaukee

The most striking thing about the Central this year will be the mixing of the two tiers.  I think the division will be better as a whole, although it won't have a juggernaut type team like the '04 Cardinals.

NL West:

1 LA
2 San Diego (WC)
3 San Francisco
4 Colorado
5 Arizona

This is assuming Bonds misses significant time.

AL MVP: Travis Hafner
NL MVP: Nomar Garciaparra

Going out on a limb with these two, but if their teams make playoff runs then I think they'll garner quite a few votes.

AL Cy Young:  Randy Johnson
NL Cy Young:  Pedro Martinez

The switching leagues buzz and all that.

My World Series:

Dodgers over Red Sox

Reds predictions:

45+ Home run season for Dunn
Graves is traded before the deadline
Griffey stays relatively healthy
Kearns hits .285/.385/.500 or better
Pena is dealt
and the Reds go 83-79.  I've said that in various places, so I guess I'll go ahead and make that my "official" prediction.

Let me see your picks in the comments, good chance for the "lurkers" to chime in!