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Spring Training Game Seven Notes

Reds 10 - Pirates 4

Notable Perfomances:

Rob Stratton: HR

Jason LaRue:  2 hits, 3RBI

Jacob Cruz:  HR

Today's games were rained out, but consider this today's open thread for anything Reds related.  To get the conversation started, this was interesting:

The Reds remain open to trading an outfielder -- most likely Austin Kearns or Wily Mo Pena -- but only if they receive a quality starting pitcher in return. Their stance makes sense, given the injury histories of Kearns and Ken Griffey Jr. -- the loss of Griffey, combined with a trade of Kearns or Pena, would force the team to play Ryan Freel in center field. But Pena, 23, could languish if he does not receive regular playing time, diminishing his value. ...

It seems like we hear something different every week, which leads me to believe everything we're hearing is speculation, and that no one really knows what O'Brien is thinking.