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Here's a few interesting links:

--  Very long Baseball Primer thread about Eric Milton.  Pretty typical for Primer, subject ranges from Reds vs. Astros, to adoption, to women's lib, but it's an interesting read.  Some ignorance about the Reds on display, but that's not surprising since I don't think Cincinnati gets a ton of publicity.

--  Jose Rijo saves six Cuban pitchers from being shipped back to Cuba:

"They had left to look for a better life," Rijo said before yesterday's exhibition opener between the Nationals and New York Mets. "They came over on a boat and were caught by the police. They were very scared. When they learned they were going to be sent back to Cuba, they almost started crying. They said they would rather be shot in the Dominican. They did not want to go back to receive the punishment they were going to get."

--  Remember those Korean cartoons I posted a while back?  Here's an interview with the cartoonist.