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-- Latest cuts:

To AAA Louisville:

Jose Acevedo
Todd Coffey

To Minor League Camp:

Bobby Estallela
Jason Romano
Jeriome Robertson

Shame to see Coffey go, but I'm sure we'll be seeing him again this season.  I'm also glad the Reds won't be carrying three catchers, although Estallela might have been a better option to back up LaRue than Valentin.

-- There's a nice article over at CIN Weekly about Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns:

Kearns knew when he met Dunn that they'd be friends. That "country boy connection," he says.

They even have the same taste in women: hot ones.

After a spring training game earlier this month, the two wash down fish sandwiches with Miller Lites and water. At that day's game against the Detroit Tigers, there were two hot women, to be exact.

Kearns heard Dunn whistle from left field. "And I saw exactly who he was talking about," he says.

And if a ball is overthrown toward the stands during warm-up, well, what's a guy to do but go and get it?

"I gotta go get a better look," concedes Dunn.

Fluff piece, but well done.

-- No idea if this is made to be taken seriously, but it's ... interesting.

--  From Ken Rosenthal:

The Reds could end up playing Rich Aurilia and Felipe Lopez at shortstop. Lopez also would fill in at other infield positions. Aurilia is moving better than he did last season, but one executive says that if the Reds used him regularly at short, their infield would have "the worst range of any team in the game." . . .

The Reds defense probably worries me more than anything else about the team.

--  Doc Scott is trekking around Europe for the next couple of months (I'm jealous) and Joel Luckhaupt of Great American Reds Blog will be filling in for him over at MVN.  If you don't already you should consider making those blogs daily visits.

-- Five days.  Paul Wilson vs. Pedro.  We're almost there.