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The First Cut's the Deepest

The first round of cuts was earlier today.  Here are the reassignments:


Daylan Childress, Brian Shackelford, William Bergolla

To AA:

Ben Kozlowski, Elizardo Ramirez, Bubba Nelson

To High-A:

Phil Dumatrait, Miguel Perez

Five non-roster invitees were also sent to minor league camp.  Those players:

Jared Fernandez, Travis Chapman, Kenny Kelly, AJ Zapp, and Brian Peterson.

Shame to see Brian Peterson reassigned, hopefully he opened some eyes this Spring.

Not really too many surprises here, as far as who got sent down.  I thought AJ Zapp would get a bit more of a look, but Rob Stratton's crazy good perfomance thus far pretty much killed any hopes Zapp might have had.

I'm also a bit surprised to see Kozlowski and Ramirez sent to AA.  I thought both of those pitchers would start the year in Louisville.

There are now 41 players on the Reds Spring Training roster, although four of those players are injured.