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Weekend/Monday Roundup

I'm just going to pretend the weekend didn't happen.  Many young Reds pitchers were shelled, the carnage was terrible, etc., etc. but I was out of town so they all get a free pass.

On to Monday.

Game 1:  Cincinnati 7 - Detroit 5

Notable Perfomances:

Rob Stratton is a man possessed:  1-4, HR, 3RBI

D'Angelo Jimenez:  2-4, 1R

Ken Griffey Jr.:  2-4, 1RBI

Edwin Encarnacion:  2-2, 1R

Eric Milton tossed 5 innings of one run ball, allowing only two hits.

Game 2:  Detroit 3 - Cincinnati 2

Notable Performances:

Ramon Ortiz:  4IP, 5H, 1ER