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Dayn Perry Hearts EdE

From Fox Sports:

6. Edwin Encarnacion, 3B, Reds, Age: 22

I'm probably overrating Encarnacion, but I have a great feeling about this guy. A ninth-rounder out of Puerto Rico in 2000, he has good bat speed, an ability to hit to all fields, power potential and improving plate discipline. Last season at AA-Chattanooga, Encarnacion slugged only .443, but his 35 doubles point to developing power in future seasons. He still needs some polish defensively, but he should be able to get by at third in the majors. I don't normally rely on gut instincts, but I don't think the numbers do him justice. The 2005 season, which he'll spend at Triple-A, will be big for him.

That's the highest I've seen Encarnacion ranked, and it's nice to see him getting the props he deserves.  I think he's been criminally underrated, and he's going to be a fixture at the hot corner for Cincinnati once he arrives.