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Will Carroll Team Health Report for the Reds

Here are a few tidbits from BP's THR for Cincinnati:

Red light CF Ken Griffey, Jr.: He's a known risk with a new twist. Griffey and teammate Jason Romano both had a new type of surgery to reconnect their torn hamstrings. Team doctor Tim Kremchek is very confident in the procedure, but admits it's new and they don't know exactly how things will go. With Griffey, baseball fans know how things usually go. We're all hoping this HoFer can have that one last healthy season.

Red light RF Austin Kearns: Someday, I think we'll be able to explain players like this. I have some guesses--maybe genetics, maybe conditioning. For now we just call it bad luck and bet against sustained health, until proven otherwise.

Yellow light SP Eric Milton: This one feels low. Milton's proclivity for homers causes him to be a little finer than what you'd like to see in an efficient starter. Now that he's the de facto ace of the staff, something he's never been, he'll be asked to go deeper than before. The year off for knee surgery saved some mileage, but he's still a big risk. I'll go on record as saying Milton is my Phil Nevin prediction this season.

Red light SP Luke Hudson: Torn labrums are death sentences. Or are they? There's a lot of research being done and sadly, a lot of cases to work on for the top surgeons in the game. They're making progress. Hudson's recovery has been backwards, getting his fastball back but losing some command.