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Poor Joe

Would it really have been to much to ask to have someone type for Nuxy in this recent chat with

i wasn't educated along the lines of marty, and al, and claude sullivan. marty stands out for 31 years. al michales surprised me wiht his kknoledge of gme from the first broadcast. al grew up in ny, and he went to a llot of dodgers game. had a lot of good stories to tell.

Oh the humanity.

Baseball is good on radio. One of the things we appreciate about is is the shutins who can pass the time of day. We try to make yoiu feel like yu are in seat at the ballpark. WE try to be as exact as posible with everyt pitch. I have problem with left-right field, but tha's going on 38 years

Ha.  That's why I love Joe.  Hearing him jump out of his seat, getting excited by a deep fly ball ... that's caught ten feet in front of the warning track.  Good times.