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Canseco's Book

As I'm sure most of you know by now, Jose Canseco's book will be coming out shortly, and he's accused a number of players as being steroid users. From the linked article:

Jose Canseco says he personally injected Mark McGwire with steroids (a needle to the buttocks)

There's a mental image for ya.

So anyway, lost amongst all this is our very own Ken Griffey Jr..


Steroid free.

How many of the great 90's sluggers are going to be able to say the same? Junior's tenure in Cincinnati has certainly been disappointing, but it's nice to know that when he deposits a pitch into the right field bleachers that it's all him.

And this is coming from someone that generally couldn't give a flip about steroids. I just think Griff deserves some credit every once in awhile, and this is an area where it's well deserved.

Take a gander at the attached poll, and let me know what you think about Canseco's book.