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Translation of the Korean Cartoons

Thanks very much to Zero, a member of the Korean MLB message board, we now have translations.  Here you go:

First panel (Featuring Adam Dunn, and Sean Casey):

Adam Dunn:  Many strikeouts, many home runs.

Sean Casey:  No strikeouts, many hits.

Coach:  Casey + Dunn is better than BONDS!

Second panel (featuring Paul Wilson running away from Roger Clemons and Randy Johnson):

Basically just illustrates the Cy Young race from April to May, and Wilson pulling away early.

Third Panel (featuring Junior becoming injured):

Junior's box:  Injury ... :(

Fourth Panel (featuring Ryan Freel):

Freel's box:  Am I a regular player?

Manager's box:  First choice Adrian Beltre, second choice Austin Kearns to third ... we have to make room for Wily!

Fifth Panel (Featuring Danny Graves):

Good?  Not Good?

Danny Graves' box: I want to be good.

Manager's box:  You are good ... where there are Reds.

(I think we're losing something in the translation on that one.)

Sixth Panel (Featuring Austin Kearns):

Austin's Box:  Who are you?

Baby tied to him:  I'm injury.

Seventh Panel (Featuring Cory Lidle):

Expected Ace.

Coach's box:  Bad play and then you leave for the Phillies?

Cory's box:  Sorry man!

So there you go, thanks again to our translator Zero from this message board.