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Kearns to Pittsburgh?

Austin Kearns seems to be one of the hot names in baseball these days, and Pittsburgh is now possibly taking a look at him:

A handful of players who fit the Pirates' model are known to be available through trade. That includes three of note who are significantly younger than Burnitz, 35, and are on the block because of crowded outfields with their current employers:

Austin Kearns, 24, of the Cincinnati Reds has regressed slightly the past two seasons but already has 37 home runs in 253 career games. He will make $930,000 next season. The Reds are thought to be seeking a pitching prospect.
Asked if he would part with a pitching prospect -- the strength of the Pirates' system -- to improve the offense, Littlefield replied, "Absolutely. We realize, in our analysis, we've got more pitching at all levels than we do position players. Those types of things have been discussed, and I'm sure that will continue."

Pittsburgh does have some decent pitching, but I'm always a bit wary of dealing with divisional rivals.

This guy would look pretty good wearing red.