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Reds Fantasy Values has an article up on the top ten Reds players for fantasy baseball.

1. Adam Dunn | OF | $25
Dunn is one of the few players that is a legitimate threat to hit 50 or more homers in a season and is worthy of a relatively high draft pick for his vast power potential alone. His batting average is a concern, but he can carry a Fantasy team with a binge of homers and RBIs. Last season was the best of his career, and he's only 25 and plays in a hitters' park. His best years are ahead of him.
9. Felipe Lopez | 3B | $5
The erstwhile Blue Jays prospect started to emerge in 2004 with the Reds, posting a .791 OPS after the All-Star break with seven homers in 218 at-bats. Poor plate discipline continues to hinder Lopez's development, as he struck out 81 times against only 25 walks, leading to a .242 batting average for the season. Still, Lopez will only turn 25 early in the 2005 season and has a live bat and the ability to play either shortstop or third base. Look for him to see more regular playing time in 2005 and earn a late-round look with a .260 average, a dozen homers, 55 or 60 RBIs and as many runs.

Felipe is listed as a third baseman.  Someone's not paying very close attention.

I generally try to avoid taking Reds players in fantasy baseball, on the theory that if the player suffers then I'm punished doubly.  Once by having to watch the player hurt my favorite team, and again by my fantasy team tanking.

I have the same theory when it comes to gambling.  Betting on your favorite team is just a recipe for disaster.  Of course I grew up rooting for Cincinnati, Ohio teams, and I'd probably think differently if I'd grown up elsewhere.  Like anywhere else.  At all.  Go Bengals right?