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MSNBC Reds Preview

MSNBC has a pretty decent preview of the Reds that you can find here.

They pick the Reds to finish 80-82, which I think is fair:

Every winter, a team that has designs on making a jump in the standings signs a couple of marginal veteran players, thinking that will do the trick. But more often than not, the strategy doesn't work, and on occasion, backfires.

The Reds were that team this winter, and even signed an expensive free agent that nobody thought they could get in Eric Milton. By doing so, they have pushed the payroll to a record $60-plus million, but still don't figure to be anything better than a fourth-place team in the Central. Oh, if everything goes right, and Houston tumbles, maybe the Reds can get to third. But let's not get carried away. And if enough things go wrong, then a fifth-place finish isn't out of the question by any means.
Predicted finish: 80-82, 4th place