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From Dayn Perry:

50. Richie Gardner, RHP, Reds, Age: 23

A sixth-rounder in 2003 out of the University of Arizona, Gardner has command of a sinker, slider and change and with good life on all three pitches. Last season, his first in the pros, he showed exceptional command (5.3 strikeout-to-walk ratio) and pitched as high as AA-Chattanooga. Don't be surprised if he's in Cincinnati before September, and don't be surprised if he sticks as a member of the rotation for years to come.

That's some high praise, but I'll be surprised if we see Gardner in Cincinnati this season.  I think a few pitchers would have to go down with injury for that to happen.

Rotoworld chose their top 10 prospects for all the teams in the NL Central, and these were their selections for the Reds (my ranking is in parenthesis):

  1.   Edwin Encarnacion (1)
  2.   Homer Bailey (7)
  3.   Richie Gardner (3)
  4.   Joey Votto (2)
  5.   Thomas Pauly (8)
  6.   B.J. Szymanksi (16)
  7.   Todd Coffey (10)
  8.   William Bergolla (5)
  9.   Phil Dumatrait (31)
  10.   Chris Dickerson (33)
No real qualms with their list, although I do think they have Dumatrait awfully high coming off his injury.  They also compare Gardner to Bobby Basham, which I think is unfair to Richie.  Basham put up his gaudy numbers in A ball, while Gardner was at AA for most of last season, and younger for his level to boot.