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Winter Meetings: Open Thread Day 4

I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed reading all of the comments in recent days.  It's been nice to see the site spring back to life a little with the Casey trade.  I want to quickly cover everything that the Reds seem to be doing right now (some of which has already been posted in the diaries section).  Consider this an open thread for Thursday at the Winter Meetings.  Feel free to post anything that happens here, Reds related or not.

  • Jacob Cruz is still a Red.  I don't have a problem with that.  The article goes on to say that Rich Aurilia has been offered arbitration, and yeah I'm not a big fan of that move.  But what can you do?  
  • The Orioles are asking about Adam Dunn.  The Reds are asking for a package that includes Erik Bedard.  It better be a big package if he's the center piece.  Not a bad pitcher certainly, but he's nowhere near the pitching equivalent of an Adam Dunn.
  • Red Sox senior advisor Jeremy Kapstein is being considered by the new owners for the job of club president.  The Reds don't have a president right now, although John Allen kind of fulfills the role as COO.  I'm hoping Kapstein would replace Allen.
  • The Reds are talking to Houston, but the Astros want Dunn.  The Reds are supposedly wanting Chad Qualls and Fernando Nieve, but not for Dunn.
  • Randy Keisler has been released. Makes leaving Kevin Howard off the 40 man even more of a head scratcher.
  • From the same article, the Reds are interested in Matt Morris.  Given the certainty that he's going to make $8 million + I'd really like to see the Reds stay away.  He's Eric Milton 2.0 for that kind of money.
  • Adam Dunn will be moving to first.
  • Dan O'Brien tried to get more than Dave Williams.  He went after Oliver Perez, Zach Duke, and Paul Maholm, but was told no for all three.  I'm not surprised as Casey isn't on any of those guys level.  Maybe Oliver Perez after his rough year, but the Pirates are obviously still high on him and I don't blame them.
  • Consider Brian B.'s diary to be the open thread for tomorrow's Rule 5 draft.  Kevin Howard we hardly knew ya.
  • And once again, this is the open thread for all other Reds and other baseball activity for Thursday.