Rule 5 Update

Nothing new here, but it could be a forum for discussion for Thursday's Rule 5 Draft.  Here's a hint: Fabio Castro is going #1, but to who?  Speculation is that the Royals will trade the first pick.  After dropping Keisler to open a spot, could the Reds be making a move early?  Here is Casto's line:

Here's the Reds' preview from ews_milb&fext=.jsp

8. Cincinnati Reds
Roster status: 40

What they'll do: The Reds were full at 40 but recently released Randy Keisler to open a spot, so they can be active in the Major League phase.

Who they could lose: While the Reds have their usual collection of one-time pitching prospects who have been felled by injuries (Bobby Basham and Thomas Pauly, for example), the guy who might be the most interesting comes on the offensive end. Kevin Howard can play second and third, he hit .296 in Double-A in 2005 with 12 homers, 70 RBIs and 13 steals, then went to the AFL and hit .409 to win the batting title there.