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2005 Sports Blog Awards - Notes

First of all, here are handy links to the voting entries:

NCAA Football
NCAA Basketball

  • You'll notice that I eliminated Best NHL Blog and Best College Blog.  The NHL category only received two nominations, and the College category, for the most part, received sport specific nominations that fit better in the NCAA football or basketball categories.  Hopefully next year this'll grow and reach those niches a little better.
  • I've disabled anonymous comments.  I hope that people will comment on the voting but you'll have to sign up for an account. Everyone can still vote however, registered or not. I've done this mostly to ward off any site bashing.  I actually don't really care if someone wants to say something negative about a site, but I feel that it shouldn't be done anonymously.
  • I've registered the domain, and the results from this will appear there when the voting is finished.  I'm hoping to do this again next December, but at the new URL.
  • Still accepting donations for award winning sites.  Dan Zarrella has promised something for the Newcomer category, and of course I'm still giving the BP one year subscription for the Best MLB blog winner.  Anything would be appreciated, no matter how small.
  • Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate a site.  The nominations were a little baseball heavy, but hopefully next year's will reach all the different categories a little better as word spreads.