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Brewers Logo

brewers logoThis has nothing to do with the Reds, but good for the Brewers for bringing back the old logo (even if it's just for Sundays):

The Brewers and their fans will turn back the clock every Sunday at Miller Park next season.

The team has unveiled "new" uniforms for Sunday home games which, as expected, are recreations of the team's garb from 1978-1993. Blue pinstripes adorn the white jerseys and pants, "BREWERS" is stitched across the chest and the caps feature the popular "ball and glove" logo.


t's a look originally made famous by the power-hitting Brewers teams of the late 1970s and early 1980s, including the 1982 American League Champion Brewers that featured future Hall of Famers Yount (the team's new bench coach), Paul Molitor, Rollie Fingers and Don Sutton. The centerpiece is the logo, comprised of a lowercase "m" and "b" arranged in the shape of a baseball glove.

"Whoever came up with that is a genius," Overbay said.

That would be Tom Meindel, an art student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, who submitted the winning design in 1977. He won $2,000 for his effort, and the Brewers wore his brainchild from 1978-1993, though it has remained popular in Milwaukee and in recent years has shown up in ballpark promotions.

It's probably because I was a little kid then, but MLB could stand to bring back many of the logos from the mid 80's:  

mariners logo blue jays logo rangers logo twins logo tigers logo astros logo angels logo phillies logo pirates logo reds logo

I think all of the above are better than what their respective teams have come up with since. Especially the Reds, I miss that logo.

Many thanks to for the walk down memory lane.