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Griffey to play in WBC

I haven't been following World Baseball Classic news all that closely, but I'm not really all that pleased to see that Griffey is going to be playing:

Reds outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. has agreed to play in next year's inaugural World Baseball Classic if he is picked for the U.S. team.

His father, Ken Griffey Sr., will be the first-base coach for the U.S. team during the 16-team tournament, to be played from March 3-20. The elder Griffey is a special consultant to Reds general manager Dan O'Brien.

Griffey Jr.'s decision was announced Tuesday by the Reds. Cincinnati outfielder Adam Dunn (U.S.), shortstop Felipe Lopez (Puerto Rico), outfielder Wily Mo Pena (Dominican Republic) and catcher Javier Valentin (Puerto Rico) previously committed to play.

I'm excited about seeing other players like Adam Dunn and Felipe play, but the last thing Griff needs to be doing is playing extra games.  If he DH's then I'd feel good about this, but otherwise ... it seems like an unnecessary risk.