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Indians close to leaving Fox Sports

This might mean more Reds games on FSN:

The Cleveland Indians appear ready to move from Fox Sports Net Ohio to Time Warner Cable and other television systems in 2006 to make way for an Indians-run TV network distributed by cable and satellite.

The deal was close to completion Monday, although the parties still had some t's to cross and i's to dot.

Indians spokesman Bob DiBiasio would neither confirm nor deny any agreement. After confirming the deal late Monday afternoon, a Time Warner spokesman backed away later in the day, saying an announcement is forthcoming.

The deal involves the airing of more than 100 Indians games on Time Warner each year, for 10 years at $28 million a year.


A report in Sports Business Journal on Monday said the new deal was part of an Indians plan to set up their own regional sports network.

There has been talk about such a network before, including the possibility that the Indians would buy a local TV station as the launching pad.

$28 million a year buys a lot of pitching.  Why are the Reds always so far behind the curve?