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2005 Sports Blog Awards

I read this this morning and was struck by the fact that Sports Bloggers don't really have awards. There's a sports blog category at the Weblog Awards and I think that Baseball Primer has a baseball blog award (last time I checked anyway), but that's about it as far as I know.  Sports blogs are one of the strongest niches in the blogosphere and have received a great deal of publicity and notice from the mainstream media.  Sports bloggers deserve some respect and gratification for the work they do, and that's what I hope this will accomplish.

So this is how this is going to work.  This comment thread will serve as the nominations process.  Feel free to nominate as many blogs as you like.  Try to note which category the blog belongs to when you're nominating, just to make things a little easier.  Here are the categories:

  • Best General Sports Blog
  • Best MLB Blog
  • Best NFL Blog
  • Best NBA Blog
  • Best NHL Blog
  • Best College Sports Blog
  • Best NCAA Football Blog
  • Best NCAA Basketball Blog
  • Best Humor Blog
  • Best Newcomer (blog must have started in 2005)
Blogs can win multiple awards, so if there's a baseball blog that you feel should be nominated for both "Best MLB Blog" and "Best Humor Blog" then that's fine.

If you have suggestions for other categories then please share!  I'll certainly add on to this list if the idea is a good one.  Conversely, if any of the above fail to receive many nominations then I may cut the category.

Nominations will run through December 19th.  Voting will run from December 20th through January 1st, and I hope to announce winners on January 2nd.  We'll have some sort of graphic that winners and runners up will be able to display on their blogs.  If you would like to donate a prize for any of the category winners then please email me!  Anything would be great, no matter how big or small. I'm going to get the ball rolling by offering a one year subscription to Baseball Prospectus to the winner of the "Best MLB Blog" category.

Nominations start now!

Edited to add that self-nominations are fine, and also that comment registration has been turned off for the duration of the nomination process, so that visitors from other sites can vote without having to register.

Second Update: Added "Best Newcomer" as a category. Thanks to Dan Zarrella for the suggestion.