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Interesting Aurilia News

From Ken Rosenthal:

Before jumping on the Reds for their seemingly lopsided Sean Casey-for-Dave Williams trade, let's see what they do with the $6.1 million they saved in the exchange. They made a late, surprising run at Morris. They also acquired second baseman Tony Womack from the Yankees, a move that will cost them $1.1 million. Womack, who offers speed but not on-base percentage, likely will replace free-agent IF Rich Aurilia. The Reds offered arbitration to Aurilia on the condition that he would decline; Aurilia lacks range up the middle and the Reds want to play Edwin Encarnacion at third. ...

Smart move.  Someone out there will sign Aurilia, and the Reds will get a pick in return (I think a first?).  The Womack deal doesn't look any better with that info, but it does make more sense now that the Reds won't have three second basemen (Freel, Womack, Aurilia) on the roster.