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  • Machado is back.  I was high on Machado last year, but I think it's become pretty obvious that he just can't hit.  I would say this is a low risk pickup since he's not on the 40 man, but you have to think that if he's in the organization then DanO will be tempted to use him, and that's not a good thing.
  • Jake Robbins, out of the Indians organization, is now a Red.  He put up a solid ERA in AAA last year (3.08 in 52.2 IP) but he has control problems (4.27 BB per 9 IP).  He'll be 30 next May, and I'd be willing to bet money that he'll be in a Reds uniform at some point next season.
  • Jimmy Journell has been signed.  This is an interesting move.  Journell used to be a top prospect with the Cards, but he just never really made the leap.  He strikes out a ton of batters, but he's also incredibly wild.  If he can learn some control he'd be useful, but what are the odds of that happening?
  • And finally, the Reds have signed lefty Tommy Phelps.  He'll be 32 next March, and he's been a rather mediocre pitcher in his brief time spent in the major leagues.  Sadly I think he'll probably be in the bullpen as I'm not really sure why else the Reds would have signed the guy. Maybe he'll take Keisler's spot in the pen.