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Castellini 'good news for fans'

From the Enquirer:

Whether it's grinding over a three-foot putt or a multimillion-dollar business deal, Robert Castellini, the prospective new chief executive of the Cincinnati Reds, is described by friends as a fierce competitor who's driven to win.

"He's a highly, highly competitive person," says Jack Wyant, managing director of Cincinnati's Blue Chip Venture Co. "His affinity for winning is lifelong."

Wyant, who said he's played golf with Castellini for years at Cincinnati Country Club, said, "If he misses a shot, he'll make sure the next one compensates for it."

Castellini sounds like the kind of rich prick I personally can't stand, but hey if he makes the Reds a contender then I can forgive just about anything.

This kind of article has to get written every time any MLB team trades hands?  Why you ask?  Because anyone with the money to purchase a major league sports franchise is going to be competitive.  You don't make hundreds of millions of dollars in life by being passive.

So Castellini is competitive?  Yippie.  I'm more concerned with whether or not he can identify people who know how to intelligently build a baseball team, and whether or not he can convince them to work for the Cincinnati Reds.