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Does anyone really care about bench coaches?

Cincinnati is interviewing Bucky Dent:

The Reds have received permission to speak with Bucky Dent about a position on Jerry Narron's coaching staff.

Narron reportedly wants Dent, the former Yankees shortstop who spent the last three seasons managing New York's Triple-A affiliate in Columbus, to fill the lone vacancy on his staff as the club's bench coach.

I was just curious if anyone actually cares?  I barely even care who the manager is anymore (as long as it's not someone as bad as Boone), let alone who the bench coaches might be.  The benefit of a good manager seems small at best, while the drawbacks of a bad manager seem pretty large.  That makes it hard for me to really worry about bench coaches.

Hitting coaches?  Yeah, they probably matter, although I doubt the lay fan ever really knows if they're helping or hurting.  Same with pitching coaches really.  Sure you can evaluate their body of work, but there are so many factors out of their control that it's tough to tell sometimes if they're doing a good or bad job.  But a bench coach?  How do you evaluate that?

I'll come right out and say it - why does such a position even exist?  The only time we hear anything about these guys is when a manager gets fired and they're named interim manager.  So is that the main focus of their job?  To be managers in waiting?

I know what they do by the way, scouting, defensive positioning, general instruction, blah, blah, blah, but it just doesn't seem all that important to me.

Maybe I'm just annoyed that the team just got sold but there are as many articles about Bucky Dent on as there are on the sale.  Yeah, that's probably it.