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Wily Mo might want to go

From SI:

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Wily Mo Pena said Saturday that he's ready to play full time with the team, or they should trade him to another club.


 "The best thing they (the Reds) can do is to play me or trade me because I no longer want to be on the bench," he told The Associated Press on Saturday after a winter league game in the Dominican Republic.

Pena, 23, said he's recovered from back and quadriceps injuries that hampered his play last season and he's ready to contribute as a regular starting player.

He said he accepted bench time last year, "but for next season they are going to have to give me a permanent position or trade me to another team."

I wouldn't mind DanO obliging him.  Out of all the Reds outfielders I think it would hurt the team the least to lose Pena.  Still wary of DanO trading a player as important as Kearns/Pena/Dunn, but we'll see in the next month how it's going to go down I think.