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Thoughts on the BA Top 10

  • It's important to realize that Baseball America is a huge fan of tools of course.  Most of us probably know that already.  But it's even more important to remember that BA talks to organizations when they make these lists.  If these are BA's top 10 Reds prospects then it probably means that these are also the braintrust's top 10 Reds prospects.  Which is a scary thought.
  • First time in a couple of years that the previous year's number one pick isn't the number one player on the list.  I suppose that's improvement.
  • There are three players on this list that terrify me, mostly because if they're the best the Reds have to offer then things are really really bad.  They are B.J. Szymanski at 4, Miguel Perez at 7, and Joey Votto at 9.  Szymanski has great tools, blah, blah, blah, but he was hurt for much of last season and still hasn't done much of anything in professional baseball. Yeah, I suppose he's a prospect, but it's not good that he's considered by BA (and the Reds) to be the fourth best prospect in the organization.  Miguel Perez just flat out sucks with the stick.  I don't care how great he is defensively, he's not ever going to be more than a backup hitting the way he does.  And Joey Votto just had a very rough season that should have pushed him out of the top 10.  In a better franchise it would have.
  • The player with more upside in the Joe Randa deal is only considered the tenth best prospect for the Reds.  Make of that what you will, but it makes the trade look a little uglier.
  • Players that missed the list that probably shouldn't have: Calvin Medlock, Carlos Guevara, David Shafer, Adam Rosales, William Bergolla, and Kevin Howard.  I'd rate all of the above higher than I would Szymanski, Perez, Gonzales, Pelland, and Votto.
  • This list depressed the hell out of me.