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DanO, Seriously, I'm Begging

Please stay out of the free agent market:

The Orioles have turned their sights toward starting pitchers, reportedly offering a contract to free agent Paul Byrd, who played for the Angels last season.

The Baltimore Sun reported on Sunday that sources with knowledge of the negotiations said that Baltimore has offered Byrd a two-year deal with an option for a third season. The Sun said the deal is believed to be worth somewhere between $10 million and $13 million.

Byrd's a solid pitcher, but this is insanity.  You simply can't pay a 35 year old, slightly above average pitcher that kind of money and expect to come out ahead.

So now we have ...

B.J. Ryan to the Blue Jays for 5 years / $47 million
Scott Eyre to the Cubs for 3 years / $11 million
Bob Howry to the Cubs for 3 years / $12 million

and potentially Paul Byrd to the O's for 2 years (with option) for $10-$13 million.

The Reds can't afford another Eric Milton.  I hope DanO realizes this and stays the hell out of the free agent market this winter.  It's very fortunate that the Reds have been inactive due to the change in ownership.  Now if it can just stay that way ...