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Pokey Reese to Return?

Missed this a few days ago:

The Reds have a need for a veteran middle infielder now that Rich Aurilia and the club have parted ways - at least for the time being.

Former Reds Bret Boone and Pokey Reese are available.

General manager Dan O'Brien said the Reds aren't interested in Boone but Reese is a possibility.

"I don't think Bret fits into our plans," O'Brien said. "With Pokey, we're still investigating it from a medical standpoint."

Reese missed all of last season after surgery on his right shoulder.

Reese would fit well into the Juan Castro defensive specialist role, although it would be nice to add someone closer to Aurilia's class offensively in case Edwin Encarnacion struggles at third.

I think Pokey Reese would fit in very well in Cincinnati.  I'm a big advocate of putting a slick glove at second.  The rest of the Reds offense is good enough to carry a weak hitter who plays plus defense. Pokey is the best defensive second baseman in the game, and he can back up Felipe at short to boot. Hopefully we'll see this one come to pass.