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From Anthony Castrovince:

What is the status of Redsfest this year? My friends and I always had a blast mingling with players from the past, asking the front office questions they can't answer and spending way too much on memorabilia. I miss it! What's up?
-- Nick F., Clifton, Ohio

With renovations still being completed at the Convention Center downtown, Redsfest remains a no-go this year. However, the team is planning on holding the event in 2006, so have those tough questions and merchandise dollars ready to burn.

I don't have much to add commentary wise, except to say that the Redsfest must have been a money loser.  The Convention Center excuse simply doesn't fly, because it's been home to plenty of large events in the past year.  It could still hold Redsfest.

The Reds have to be one of the top 5 worst teams in baseball when it comes to PR.  I'm not going to say they're the worst, because I'm sure the Devil Rays or the Royals or somebody have them beat, but they're definitely up there.

This is basically what the Reds' rotation is looking for next year: Aaron Harang, Brandon Claussen, Paul Wilson, Eric Milton and one more pitcher, barring injury, of course. What is your personal opinion on what you think the Reds will do about this fifth spot?
-- Eric B., Beavercreek, Ohio

I would expect the Reds to find some way to round out the rotation via the trade route. But if we're forced to assume that the fifth starter would come in-house, I really think Luke Hudson has the ability to pitch every fifth day in the big leagues.

Yes, Hudson's career took a definite step back with his continued command problems in 2005, but I think he learned a lot from the experience, and perhaps his stint in the Arizona Fall League will help him come around.

Holy lord the staff looks awful when you come right out and list the members.  I'm going to pretend that we won't be seeing Harang/Claussen/Milton/Wilson/Hudson next year, just for my own personal sanity.  There'll be a new GM, or some new money from the new owners, or Jim Bowden will pry away Eric Milton, or something.    I'm going to hold onto hope until Opening Day at least.  Not really any other options.

Also, the mailbags on are just dreadfully bad, for the most part.  Don't believe me?  Here:

Why would the Reds' rotation not be better off with Homer Bailey in it next year? Eric Milton got start after start despite an ERA that hovered near six or seven most of the season. Bailey would undoubtedly be better.
-- Alex M., Chicago
I think Alex must be a closet Cubs fan.