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DanO: Status Quo

From Fay:

The Reds' Dan O'Brien says the general manager meetings in Indian Wells, Calif., were a lot like the previous two he attended as Reds GM.

A lot of talk.

No trades.

And plenty of promises to talk more at the winter meetings Dec. 5-8.

"Status quo," O'Brien said.


Remaking the roster now is the rough equivalent of remodeling your house between the time you accept a bid to sell and the closing.

The Reds, of course, are in the midst of being sold. Carl Lindner and the limited partners have

agreed on virtually everything, including price, with Robert Castellini and the Williams brothers.

As soon as Major League Baseball signs off, the deal is done.

O'Brien said that was not a topic at the GM meetings. He said the other clubs did not mention the impending sale when talking trades.

"We've been actively engaged in talks with other clubs," O'Brien said. "In no way, shape or form has that been a hindrance."

It's impossible to discuss this team without heavy doses of sarcasm.