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Ownership change coming soon

Really can't come soon enough:

The company handling the sale of the majority shares in the Cincinnati Reds says there has been significant progress among three bidders and a deal is near.

"We're getting very close. By Dec. 1 the deal should be closed and approved and the new owners should be in place," said Stephen Greenberg, managing partner of Allen & Co., the New York firm that is handling the sale of 51.5 percent of the Reds' ownership.

Two of the three groups that are still in the running to buy the majority stake have Cincinnati connections, Greenberg told the Cincinnati Post.

Citing confidentiality agreements, he declined to identify any of the bidders who have submitted what he described as "practically indistinguishable" offers for the majority stake in the oldest franchise in professional baseball.

It has to be said, new ownership isn't a magic bullet, etc. etc., but does anyone think the Reds are going anywhere with things staying status quo?    

New owners, want to make a splash, possibly hire a Depodesta or even ... a Theo Epstein?  Yeah, not likely, but wow, wouldn't it be nice?