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Yeah, this is great

The funniest thing you'll read this week.

Just a sample:

Joe Namath Guarantees He'll Lose Battle With Alcoholism

September 21, 2005 | Issue 41*37

NEW YORK--Swaggering Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, famous for his flamboyant lifestyle and his historic promise of victory in Super Bowl III, guaranteed Monday that he would not be victorious in his current battle with alcoholism. "The bottle's gonna win this one--I guarantee it," said Namath to a crowd of cheering New York faithful in an impromptu statement at Manhattan's Jockey Club. "I swear this to my fans and the great city of New York--Joe Namath's going to continue the kind of tipsy, drunken lifestyle you guys have come to know and love." Namath went on to make other guarantees during the night, but none of them were intelligible as of press time.

I can't wait until the first Reds Onion story.  That'll be a great day.